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Set of 2 full ceramic bearings, 2 pcs of 3x10x4 mm, ABEC357, Zirconia ZrO2 races, Grade 5 Si3N4 Ceramic Balls, Open, Peek Retainer, C3 Fit, ABEC #5, Lube Dry, fishing reel bearings, 103-TP/C3 Z/S #5 LD.
Radial Full Ceramic Bearing. Set of 2 bearings (2 pcs of 3x10x4 mm)

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Product Code: FC-2P-103

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Set of 2 bearings (2 pcs of 3x10x4 mm)
103-TP/C3 Z/S #5 LD (3x10x4 mm) Full Ceramic, Open, Zirconia ZrO2 races, Grade 5 Si3N4 Ceramic Balls, Peek Retainer, C3 Fit, ABEC #5, Lube Dry.
Supplied with no lube - they can be run dry or give you the option of lubricating with your favorite light oil or grease. Note full ceramic bearings will be noisy.

Bearing set fits the following fishing reels
Abu Garcia 4500c, 4600c, 5000 Al, 5500, 6600c, 7500, Ambassadeur 10000c, Ambassadeur 7000c, Ambassadeur 7000ic3, Ambassadeur 9000c, Ambassadeur Bg-7000 Hs, Ambassadeur Bg-7000 Hsn, Ambassadeur Bg-7001 Hs, Ambassadeur Pro Max 1600, Ambassadeur Pro Max 3600, Black Max 1, Bm3600c, Bm5600c, Eon E3600, Eon Exl 3600, Morrum 5600, Pm1600c, Revo Toro Winch-l, Sm1600c , T3000c, Ultra Mags I,II,III
Shimano Aldebaran Mg/mg7, Antares, Antares 100, Antares 201 Mg-5, Antares Ant-l 100hg, Antares Ant-l 101, Antares Ant-l 101hg, Antares Ant-r 100, Calais (All), Calais Cl100a, Calais Cl-200dc, Calcutta 100, Calcutta 250, Calcutta 300D, Calcutta 600, Calcutta 700, Calcutta 900, Calcutta Ct-100b, Calcutta Ct-101b, Calcutta Ct-150, Calcutta Ct-200, Calcutta Ct-200a, Calcutta Ct-200b, Calcutta Ct-200gtb, Calcutta Ct-201b, Calcutta Ct-251, Calcutta Ct300te, Calcutta Ct-400, Calcutta Ct-400b, Calcutta Ct-400bsv, Calcutta Ct-50b, Calcutta Ct-700b, Calcutta Ct-700bsv, Calcutta Cte 201, Calcutta Cte-100 Gt, Calcutta Cte-200dc, Calcutta Cte-200gt, Calcutta Cte-201dc, Cardiff Models, Castaic Series, Chronarch 100 Bantam, Chronarch 100 Bsv, Chronarch 100b, Chronarch 100bpv, Chronarch 100d5, Chronarch 100d7, Chronarch 100mg, Chronarch 100sf, Chronarch 101a, Chronarch 200e5, Chronarch 50e, Chronarch Ch-101 D7, Chronarch Ch-150hg, Chronarch Ch-200e7, Chronarch Ch-ci4, Chronarch Mg 50, Chronarch Mg51, Chronarch Models, Citica 200 Dpv, Citica 200 G6, Citica 200e, Conquest 100, Conquest 201, Core 100 Mg, Core 101mg, Core 50 Mg7, Core 51 Mg7, Core Aldebaran, Coriolus 200d, Corsair Models, Curado (All), Curado 200, Curado 200hg, Curado 200i, Curado 201i, Curado 251, Curado 300, Curado 50, Curado 600, Curado 700, Curado 900, Curado Cu-100, Curado Cu-100 Dsv, Curado Cu-100b, Curado Cu-150, Curado Cu-200 Bsf, Curado Cu-200 Super-free, Curado Cu-200b38, Curado Cu-200bsf, Curado Cu-200d, Curado Cu-200dhsv, Curado Cu-200e5, Curado Cu-200e7, Curado Cu-200g7, Curado Cu-201e, Curado Cu-201e7, Curado Cu-201g7, Curado Cu-250, Curado Cu-300ej, Curado Cu-400, Curado Cu-50e, Metanium Mg, Metanium Mg Dc7, Metanium Xg, Metanium Xt, Ocea Jigger 4000/4000p, Ocea Jigger 5000/5000p, Quickfire , Scorpion 1000, Scorpion Metanium Mg, Scorpion Quickfire, Scorpion Xt 1500/1501/7, Scorpion Xt1000 /1001.
Pflueger Purist Lp, Solara Lp, Supreme Lp
Ryobi Ad400, Ad4000, V Models

Verify size of bearing prior to purchase for these manufacturers part #
Shimano Part # BNT0010, BNT0031, BNT0084, BNT0087, BNT0124, BNT0179, BNT0194, BNT0458, BNT0470, BNT2927, BNT3627, BNT3812, BNT4343, BNT4944, TGT0184
Daiwa Part # 637-4601, 637-4602, B54-6401, G51-1501, G51-1502, G51-1503, G51-1504, G51-1505, G51-1506, G51-1507
Abu Garcia Part # 12667, 5230, 8940, 12108, 975029, 075030, 975312, 975401
Quantum Part # QV017-01, HV017-01
Lew's Part # 38036, P306036
  • Free spinning under load.
    Competitive price.
    Low weight.

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