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5x11x4 mm, SMR115-ZZ/P58 #3 SRL. SMR115-ZZ/P58 A3 SRL

SMR115-ZZ/P58 A3 SRL 5x11x4 mm

Stainless Steel ABEC 3 Metal Shielded Bearings. Stainless Steel rings/retainer/balls, Metal shields, light grease and ABEC 3. What this means to you is a bearing which is noise free and price competitive.

List Price: $4.73
Sale Price: $3.57
Savings: $1.16
5x11x4 mm, SMR115-ZZ/P58 A7 AF2, Penn 055B-1516168, 055-1183891, Daiwa TD-Z103H, Abu Garcia 10262, 1144215, 1187625, 10265, 975133, 1132911, 1187620, 1281216, 1504567, 1161134, Shimano BNT0124, BNT5765, BNT5804, BNT6008, RD12409, RD12482, RD8214. SMR115-ZZ/P58 A7 AF2

SMR115-ZZ/P58 A7 AF2 5x11x4 mm

Stainless Steel ABEC 7 Metal Shielded Bearings The inner and outer rings / retainer / balls are made from stainless steel, Non Contact metal shields which can be easily removed for running the bearings open or easy maintenance, Radial play of P58 and AF2 Oil Lube allows for free spinning.

List Price: $11.73
Sale Price: $3.57
Savings: $8.16